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What we are talking about is an American-made, mega-portable guitar stand that you can stash inside your case or gigbag to save your instrument from being the victim of a party foul at your next gig or living-room jam session.

– Billy Voight,

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There are very few products that you can get for under $20 that not only truly function as they are intended to, but you will use on a daily basis to insure the safety of your guitar. My advice is buy a few -- they can even put your logo on them.

– Jac Harrison,
Local Music Gear

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Axe-Handler Original


Safely changes any surface into a guitar stand.

Gear Box
Gear Box|NEW


Safely changes any surface into a guitar stand.

guitar stand strings out


Safely changes any surface into a guitar stand.

Electric/Acoustic Stage/Studio Stand


First of its kind for stage/studio holds any guitar

2 Axe handler Special
2 Axe-Handler Special


Safely changes any surface into a guitar stand.



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“Get an Axe-Handler. You won't be sorry. They take up next to no room in your gig bag, and you never again need to worry about your guitar stand pinching your fingers while setting up or tearing down after a gig.”

— Peter Trot via YouTube.

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